Новогодний рецепт: Как сделать праздников из ничег

Новогодний рецепт: Как сделать праздников из ничег

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Новогодние новости клипы канала israelnovosti на ЮТуб http://youtube.com/israelnovosti - Как празднично украсить Белый Дом и сделать Государственный Праздник вселенского Масштаба? Об этом секретное видео первоисточника:

Did you know 100,000 visitors are expected to tour the White House in December 2010? (View the tour book here) Check out Simple Gifts in numbers below, plus White House "Holiday How To's" to learn how to make your own magazine tree, gingerbread cookies and more.

Simple Gifts in Numbers

Number of Holiday Volunteers from each State: * Arizona: 2 * California: 7 * Colorado: 4 * Connecticut: 1 * District of Columbia: 5 * Delaware: 1 * Florida: 4 * Georgia: 4 * Illinois: 6 * Kentucky: 2 * Massachusetts: 1 * Maryland: 7 * Maine: 1 * Michigan: 3 * Minnesota: 8 * Missouri: 2 * North Carolina: 5 * New Jersey: 1 * New York: 3 * Ohio: 2 * Pennsylvania: 2 * South Carolina: 1 * Tennessee: 4 * Texas: 5 * Utah: 1 * Virginia: 11 * Vermont: 2 * Washington: 1 * Wisconsin: 1

TOTAL: 97 * The official White House Christmas Tree in the Blue Room is a Douglas-fir that stands 18 ½ feet high and is nearly 13 feet wide. * 19 Christmas Trees are inside the visitor tour route. * 2 live Christmas Trees outside of the North Portico. Each tree stands 14 feet tall and they are the only live Christmas Trees at the White House. * 1,000 handmade oak leaf roses in the East Visitor Entrance. The roses were handmade out of dried, real oak leaves that came from the homes and neighborhood parks of volunteers. * 40,000 pipe cleaners were used to make Bo in Booksellers. * 75 pounds of recycled newspaper were used in the Green Room. * 6 magazines were used for the magazine trees in the Green Room -- 1 magazine per tree. * 500 pomegranates, 400 yellow pear gourds, 450 artichokes, 350 purple dipper gourds, 350 green dipper gourds, 400 green pear gourds, 400 orange pear gourds were used to make the wreaths in the East Colonnade. * Approximately 100,000 visitors expected to tour the White House in December 2010. View the White House tour book.

Holiday How To's

How to Decorate a Christmas card with Fruit and Vegetable Stamps

What you'll need: * Assorted Vegetables (carrots, artichokes, eggplant, potatoes, radishes) * Assorted Fruits (oranges, pears, cherries, star fruit, apples, and pomegranates) * Cutting Board * Chef's Knife * Eco/kid friendly food dye, made from different spices, vegetables and fruits * For a yellow color: Mix ½ cup hot water and 1 tablespoon turmeric powder. * For a bright red: Juice 1 pound beets; reduce until the desired color intensity. * For a pastel color: 2 tablespoons powdered milk and 1 tablespoon water until the consistency of a paste. Add reduced fruit or vegetable juice. * For a bright green: Blanch 1 pound spinach; shock in ice water. Squeeze until dry. Blend in a food processor. Drain spinach in a fine chinoise. * Kitchen sponge * Small Plates * Paper towels * Assorted Watercolor Brushes

Directions: 1. To prepare the fruit and vegetable stamps, cut the vegetables and fruits crosswise and lengthwise, to get different designs. Let it air dry for at least a day for the moisture to dissipate. Set aside.
2. Pour different color dyes on separate plates. You could use either a sponge, a paint brush or even the vegetables or fruits to paint the end of the stamps.
3. Lay the card stock recycled paper on a flat surface. With the "colored" stamp, apply a firm pressure onto the paper. Make sure you wipe in between to have a more effective design.
4. Continue stamping until you have finished your design. Let air dry for a few minutes.

Info source and more reading: The White House Blog - Behind-the-Scenes Video: The White House Christmas 2010: Simple Gifts, Posted by Kori Schulman on December 01, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

How to Make a Newspaper Loop Wreath
How to Make a Magazine Tree
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